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Persona offers a range of residential and non-residential personal and professional development workshops which are designed to provide participants with a learning environment which encourages and facilitates the development of personal awareness and insight, professional competence, interpersonal communication and an understanding of healthy relationships.

What Persona Development & Training can offer

Persona has been providing personal and professional development programmes founded on the philosophy of the Person-Centred Approach for more than 20 years. Our programmes are designed to support the growth and development of personal and professional potential at an individual, team and organisational level.

The central values of the Person-Centred approach are a major influence in the design, structure of the programmes we provide as well as how they are delivered and managed. Our trainers and facilitators are committed to fulfilling their roles in ways that embody a Person-Centred philosophy, principally a trust in each person’s ability to find a way to direct his/her own development, based on a belief in the actualising tendency; the tendency of the individual to grow and develop to their full potential.

Persona specialises in providing training in Person-Centred Counselling and Psychotherapy and Psychological Wellbeing offering courses at Post-Graduate Diploma and MSc levels. These programmes are accredited by BACP and academically validated by the University of Aberdeen.

Persona also provides training at certificate level: a Certificate in Counselling Skills for individuals and bespoke programmes in Applied Counselling Skills for organisations. These programmes focus on the development of intra-personal and inter-personal skills applied to different organisational settings, such as education, healthcare, social work, social care or HR.

The Persona Staff Team are all experienced counsellors and psychotherapists and trainers. As facilitators, the team are committed to facilitating the process of each programme by communicating acceptance, empathic understanding and congruence and through these core attitudes provide the learning environment and structure of the course.


Certificate in Supervision 2019 - course programme dates and costs will be available in December 2018

Post Graduate Diploma in Psychological Wellbeing, Counselling and Psychotherapy 2019-2021  - course programme dates and costs will be available in Spring 2019

MSC 3rd Yr Conversion in Psychological Wellbeing, Counselling and Psychotherapy 2019-2020  - course programme dates and costs will be available in Summer 2019

Certificate in Counselling Skills 2019 - course programme dates and costs will be available in Summer 2019

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“Being a student on the Persona PG Counselling Diploma was the best and most important decision I have ever made. It has been life changing. The group process and emphasis on self- development was instrumental in my journey of self-discovery.”

Christine 2014-2016

“Being on the programme opened up new insights into who I was - an awareness to change certain things and an acceptance of those things in me that I could truly cherish. This wouldn't have been possible without my peers and tutors. A great learning experience indeed! “  

Sarah 2014 – 2016

'Persona offers a substantive and truly immersive training in counselling; I have found that my experience and learning from being on the course has given me a solid and proper foundation on which to build my counselling career.'

Kenny 2005-2007


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