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Foundation Certificate in Counselling Skills

The full Foundation in Counselling Skills programme is beneficial to people working in a wide range of professions particularly those whose role involves building and sustaining relationships with people; health and social care, education, HR.   The course is designed to enhance participant’s intrapersonal and interpersonal understanding of the nature and dynamics of relationships and communication.  The course is delivered over four modules and designed to suit people who have week day commitments.

Each module consists of five Thursday evenings from 6.00pm – 9.00pm plus one Saturday 9.30am – 5.30pm. The programme uses a range of learning activities to support different learning styles; tutor presentations, workshops, group discussions, skills practice and small group discussions.

The programme is designed around four key themes: understanding counselling theory, developing counselling skills, developing self-awareness and developing ethical awareness.  Each module will integrate these themes by focusing on a particular aspect of the Helping Relationship as follows:

The full certificate programme is designed as a foundation course for entry onto the

Persona Post Graduate Diploma Programme in Psychological Wellbeing, Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP Accredited, academically validated by the University of Aberdeen)

The programme uses a range of learning activities to support different learning styles; tutor presentations, workshops, group discussions, skills practice in dyads, triads and small groups.

Module           Theme

Module 1        Establishing a helping relationship: The Gentle Art of Listening - September 5th 2019 - October 17th 2019

Module 2        Building trust and engagement: Transition and Change - November 7th 2019 - December 12th 2019

Module 3        Deepening exploration: Empowerment - January 9th 2020 - February 13th 2020

Module 4        Integration: The Reflective Practitioner - February 27th - April 2nd 2020

Each module costs £220

Students will be required to keep a learning journal throughout the programme and complete an assignment for each module.

The course will be delivered from The TCS Centre, 169 Bank Street, Coatbridge, ML5 1ET



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“Being a student on the Persona PG Counselling Diploma was the best and most important decision I have ever made. It has been life changing. The group process and emphasis on self- development was instrumental in my journey of self-discovery.”

Christine 2014-2016

“Being on the programme opened up new insights into who I was - an awareness to change certain things and an acceptance of those things in me that I could truly cherish. This wouldn't have been possible without my peers and tutors. A great learning experience indeed! “  

Sarah 2014 – 2016

'Persona offers a substantive and truly immersive training in counselling; I have found that my experience and learning from being on the course has given me a solid and proper foundation on which to build my counselling career.'

Kenny 2005-2007


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